The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Review- Best Moments “What Happened and What’s Going On” Death

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Watch Full Episode Online!


What was your Reaction to this Episode of the Walking Dead?
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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Reaction
The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 Pre Reaction Preview
Tyreese Death Reaction




The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Review- Best Moments "What Happened and What's Going On" Death

What was your Reaction to this Episode of the Walking Dead?
Google + Page:

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Reaction
The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 Pre Reaction Preview
Tyreese Death Reaction

24 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Review- Best Moments “What Happened and What’s Going On” Death

  1. Sawyer reviewing TWD? WOOOOO.

    Anyway I disagree with you on this one Sawyer, this episode was one of the
    worst of the entire series imo.

    I liked the idea that they tried to show the perspective of a bite wound
    victim, but the set up was embarrassingly horrible.

    Tyrese knew there were walkers in the house yet let his mind blank like
    that? I was ready to see a Walker just come up and bite him when he was
    looking at the pictures, guess what? A walker bit him. It had Noah sitting
    there for probably a total time of 3 minutes crying while Tyrese just stood
    there. Tyrese’s hallucinations were just the same people uttering the same
    things. Not to mention 6 commercial breaks…They disrespected Tyrese by
    killing him off this way. A true disrespect to his character, especially
    since we saw how capable he was of defending Judith, Mika, and Lizzie to
    get such a shoddy death? Also, where was everyone else at???

    To sum it up: This episode was nothing but filler and a waste of time. I
    could easily skip this episode in the series and just have someone tell me
    Tyrese died while they searched Noah’s old home.

    I wonder who got the shaft harder: T dog or Tyrese lol.

  2. I can’t believe they killed off Tyreese! The writers are practically
    throwing away good characters with good character development. I know this
    is a survival show, but killing off 3 characters when we’re already at
    episode 9 seems a bit excessive. It seems like they’re just killing off
    good characters for shock value now.

    And to be honest, I have a huge feeling that Glenn might die at the end of
    this season. I really hope he doesn’t. I really hope this show doesn’t pull
    a red wedding.

    Overall I liked the episode, but I think the way that Tyreese got bit was
    kind of dumb. He should’ve heard the twin coming a mile away. I’m also
    really happy that they’re going to DC, the story is finally progressing

  3. One thing bugs me. How did that walker get out of that shut room?. I hope
    I’m over thinking this and Noah didn’t have a part in this. Then everybody
    really would hate Chris

  4. it kinda annoys me how to walking dead is jus killing black guys left and
    right….like ooo we got a new black guy joining the cast? welp time to
    kill one off to make room….anyway i agree with the artistic aspect of the
    episode, but i think tyrese got bit like an idiot, i mean come on man u r
    dead smack in d zombie apocolypse for so long now and u still walking
    around inattentive to shit around u?! how interesting cud dat picture of
    ppl u dont know possibly b tyrese? who agrees with me?

  5. One of the few times I disagree with Sawyer. This was one of the most
    horrible episodes to date and it’s on par with the first part of Season 5
    which was also horrible. Kind of surprising seeing as I really liked Season

    My biggest gripe with this episode was Tyreese’s death really and seeing as
    that’s what the majority of this episode was about it made the episode as a
    whole really, really bad. The only reason Tyreese spaced out like he did
    was so he could get killed off. Rick’s group has been alive long enough to
    know you can *never* let your guard down and Tyreese spacing out like he
    did made literally no sense at all, especially when you know there are
    walkers about. The hallucination segment was also way too dragged out. And
    why did he hallucinate about Beth? And the Governor? Mika, Lizzie, Bob and
    partially Martin I can understand but not the former two. He had limited
    interaction with both of them, especially the Governor, so I honestly felt
    they were severely misplaced in his hallucinations. All in all his death
    was very poorly executed, forced and it didn’t do him any justice at all.
    Hate to see him go like this and it was disrespectful to the character.
    Chad Coleman’s performance was solid though. Also, did anyone else see the
    tube for the fake blood on Tyreese’s arm? That’s a mistake I’d expect not
    to see on this show.

    One other thing: What’s with characters falling over whenever they cry? I
    understand it’s to convey the grief they feel but it’s actually starting to
    become a bit comical and it looks silly. It was also silly how Tyreese
    couldn’t keep up with a limping Noah. Also still bothered by how suddenly
    Maggie gives a shit about Beth when she didn’t give two shits about her for
    a whole combined season.

    I dunno. As time goes on the quality of this show just seems to keep
    dropping. I’ll stick with it a while longer though and see if it gets any

  6. I know I’m going to get hated for this, but for some reason I’m kindda
    hating the Walking Dead. I don’t know why, but to me i feel like these
    zombie movies aren’t what they used to be, and I’m not taking about death
    and infection whise. Im talking about consumers. But other than that i get
    what people are saying. the show is still good, but not what it really was
    meant to be. 

  7. I knew Tyrese was gonna die and I’m happy he did. The Walking Dead rule is:
    find a new black male character, an existing one has to die. I’m seriously
    over this bull. Has anyone noticed that all the black male characters exude
    the stereotypes of either being a complete idiot who’s strong and blindly
    goes out of his way to save the caucasoids who don’t give a flying fuck
    about them (T-Dog/Tyrese) or they’re an incompetent coward (Bob, Gabriel
    and now we have Noah). This is an insult to my people, particularly the
    males. We are just as varied as any other race.

  8. I don’t blame Noah that Tyreese zoned out and let a zombie walk up on him.
    Noah ran in and “killed” his brother(?) than ran for it to get some help.
    Yeah he got caught but with time moving slow I don’t think that much time
    passed, I can’t fully blame Noah.

  9. I figured Tyrese was going to die, but I was expecting it to be right in
    the midseason premiere. I really liked how all the other dead people came
    back and starting talking to him. That was well done.

  10. It sucked ass

    Dumb setup,bitten by some skinny child zombie,devoted a whole episode to
    the death of an average character i was hardly invested in emotionally
    AFTER a season break, then somehow thought it was a good idea to fill a
    small room with some of the most irritating people in the entire series
    also giving them lines whilst having fucking beth sing with a guitar.

    It was lame,and next week doesn’t look too interesting either :(

  11. I thought that the episode was very emotional and well written. Kind of
    slow for a premiere, but I really enjoyed it. Now, here’s my issue.
    It would have flowed SO much better… SO MUCH better… If they stopped
    with the shit that the Walking Dead has been doing for so long now with
    having small cuts of the actual episode immediately followed by a dump
    truck of commercials. It’s just so jarring, and makes the transitions in
    episodes like this where the transitions are so important so much more
    difficult to go along with, and contribute to the “slowness” of the

  12. They could have done so many things to save Tyrese. Noah or even Tyrese
    could have easily made a tourniquet to slow the bleeding and possibly slow
    the infection. And why the hell did he have such hard time fighting a
    single zombie when only a few episodes before he completely demolished like
    5 zombies bare handed? Rick and the group left Tyrese’s arm to bleed out.
    Even after they cut it off they still didn’t try to stop the bleeding.
    Also, they planned to cauterize the stump but they could have built a fire
    right then and there without having to move him in just as much time or
    less as it would have taken to get him back to the main group. I’m not
    saying the writers were wrong here but rather the characters. They really
    dropped the ball with this one and it cost Tyrese his life. You’d think
    they would have some sort of plan with dealing with bites better,
    especially since they know amputation can work.

  13. When Rick and the others found and saved Noah, he told them about Tyreese
    and that he was “at his house” and Rick immediately left, leading the team
    there. How did they know which was Noah’s house? He only said it to Tyreese
    after the others were gone and even then he led him there and didn’t
    explain which was it.

  14. As far as I’m concern Noah’s name is Chris for obvious reasons. Secondly I
    haven’t felt this fucked up since my boy T-dog died, I haven’t forgot about
    him. Michonne is gonna have to hold down the fort till Morgan arrives. 

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