The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

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AFTERBUZZ TV — Walking Dead edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of AMC's Walking Dead. In this episode hosts David Klein, Joyce Ajouri, Derrial Christon, and Nando Velasquez discuss episode 9. The Walking Dead tells the story of life following a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, traveling in search of a safe and secure home.

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

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AFTERBUZZ TV -- Walking Dead edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of AMC's Walking Dead. In this episode hosts David Klein, Joyce Ajouri, Derrial Christon, and Nando Velasquez discuss episode 9. The Walking Dead tells the story of life following a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, traveling in search of a safe and secure home.

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For more of your post-game wrap up shows for your favorite TV shows, visit

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25 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

  1. The reason Karen (Tyreese’s girlfriend) wasn’t included in the group of
    ghosts is because he didn’t have anything to do with her death. They only
    included characters he felt guilty about or characters who’s death he
    played a part in. He had absolutely nothing to do with Karen’s death which
    is why she wasn’t included.

  2. One thing still bugs me. How did that walker get out of that shut room. I
    hope I’m over thinking it and Noah didn’t do it. Then everybody really
    would hate Chris.

  3. TWD Logic:

    Tyreese kills a dozen walkers by himself, no scratch
    Tyreese in a room by himself, gets bit by a 8 year old dead kid

    Lol I understand why it happened but still…

  4. Knew he was a gonna when he had WAAAAAAY too many lines lol, So I guess
    with the easter eggs in this ep, Baseball bat etc, Neagan will be in
    it. Zombies opening doors now lol

  5. I’m a need The Walking Dead to stop introducing new Black characters and
    killing the old established ones. I mean seriously like every season. It’s
    getting pretty predictable. 

  6. One of the saddest deaths of the show. I actually teared up.

    Tyreese was never nervous about killing walkers… he just didn’t believe
    in the thought of killing people unless it was absolutely needed (thanks
    for the shout out Nado and as someone who re read those volumes, Tyreese
    was VERY wishy washy in the comics as well)

    Karen wasn’t there because he wasn’t responsible or have any guilt over her

    Noah’s mom seemed to have been killed by a bat.. the wound was way too big
    for a bullet wound

    In the previews, you see a bunch of dogs attack the group

  7. did-you-notice-Glenn-with-the-baseball-bat?foreshadowing,perhaps?I-still-blame-noah-for-Tyreses-demise,He-knew-that-Noah-had-twin-bros.He-saw-1-dead-and-we-saw-the-feet-behind-the-door.Why-was-he-so-engrossed-in-the-pics-that-he-let-his-guard-down.Taken-out-by-a-kid.

  8. With every passing season I’m beginning to realize The Walking Dead writers
    handle black characters the same way Star Wars writers handle the Sith: The
    Rule of Two.

    Two black characters at any time, no more, no less. Still, Tyresse getting
    bitten the way he was felt off.

    Lastly, I felt it was hilarious that Maggie was crying about Tyresse and
    not Beth. At least her characters actions are consistent! lol

  9. The radio commentary that Tyreese was hearing was things the group have
    done and gone through in the past. It mentions things like an outbreak,
    cannibalism, children being killed (Lizzie and Mika), killing people with
    machetes (Rick at the church), burning people alive (Karen and David).
    Things that had troubled Tyreese. 

  10. they can go some where else and not follow all comic story arcs. that would
    be boring and spoiler haven as if comic fans don’t do it already every
    week. i want to see them explore every where, hell go to brazil. why? why
    not? we have 8 seasons approved to go. i don’t want to see everything from
    the comics. it defeats the purpose of having both. some of us are just tv
    show fans and enjoy it just fine without all the comic mentions.

  11. I love this episode. It was done sooo very well. I will miss Tyreese but it
    is something that needed to happen to further depress the other characters.
    Tyreese has been out of the game for a while now. He is the one still
    fighting for things to be and get better but he sort of checked out even
    back in the prison. Even the character admits that. It’s this check out
    that leads to his death. He isn’t paying attention as much anymore. He
    forgot that walkers were a threat which is why he bypassed that room. When
    you drop your guard, you get killed. Period. And that’s what happened.
    Tyreese didn’t address the threat which he’s been doing up until this point
    and showing that was poignant. Though I agree, should have been more

    It’s not weird Karen wasn’t there at all. One no one is considering if she
    was even available or wanted to do it. Know that first before throwing
    shade, and that was three seasons ago. I think much more has happened since
    then and not only that, this was about the push and pull before stay or go,
    were my decisions right and wrong…Karen didn’t fit into that. I’d think
    more people should be up in arms about maybe why Sasha didn’t appear to him
    begging him to live. It wasn’t about that. And that’s just a weird thing to
    jump on especially since the host couldn’t even remember her name; Karen
    btw lol.

    I really liked the Glenn, Michonne, Rick dynamic Especially Rick and
    Michonne. I am of course a Richonne fan so I will keep that mushy stuff for
    my fan pages but there was certainly an attention paid to those two this

    Michonne knos more than anyone else what it is like to be on the road. What
    it does to you mentally. She said she was ” gone” and her frustration
    watching this happen again to a new group is going to be a struggle for her
    and I think Rick noticed that. He knows waaayyyy more about what Michonne
    may have endured than he lets on. But I love that she spoke and her facial
    expressions as if she is still leary about speaking up. Glenn standing
    there meant nothing, that was Rick and Michonne deciding something that
    wasn’t even just about the next stop. It was about the turmoil in the
    group. The loss of hope. The, we NEED A HOME. And it’s not Rick’s job to
    just move them along. It’s still to have a destination.

    Glenn-I loved Glenn starting to realize that it’s not all daisies Glenn
    could take some interesting turns. He’s not attached to Maggie’s hip. He’s
    starting to see a bigger purpose and understand Rick’s way which is very
    concerning if everyone jumps on that bandwagon. Then they are all savages;
    then what happens to Carl and Judith. They have the potential to all drop
    off like flies.

    Noah is still very young. I want to say 17? And has barely suffered loss.
    I forsee he and Gabriel bonding over just being introduced to this new
    brutal world.

    The bodies spread out is a glaring sign to Rick and Glenn because they see
    that it doesn’t matter if they find a great place, someone will always try
    to take it from them. That’s why Glenn referenced the prison. Sooner rather
    than later they are going to experience an enemy and they don’t have
    ANYTHING to protect themselves and that isn’t a nonchalant ” let’s just
    find something else” thing. They are sleeping OUTDOORS. They aren’t
    figuring out, they are burrowing with their heads down. It’s not good. On
    top of that, they are hungry and without much water. They are going to have
    to go out of the more organized box to survive out in this world that
    doesn’t involve the caution they have been taking before and that’s why
    people are dying. Eventually I feel Rick will start to correlate that.

  12. I notice the picture as well. Ty looked worried looking at those pics of
    the twins. What if Noah released the walker that bit him? IT was a
    haunting and beautiful episode. 

  13. Man you guys can’t help yourselves with all the extra news and gossip
    spoilers…….sheesh Nando…..i don’t think i can bother listening to
    predictions or news and gossip…..

  14. Wow I actually got as much from this episode as I did from Talking Dead.
    Guys btw that was Woodbury, along with the Prison, the Grove and the train
    tracks to Terminus. Tyreese was reliving all his destinations in the
    apocalypse. People were skeptical ,but I said Noah was going to be the
    reason the group goes to the Washington Area, I said it in ep 4 when he was
    introduced. Now that he’s done his job as a charcater they’ll probably kill
    him off too like if/when Morgan ever joins the group. Yes it’s messed up
    their doing one in , one out with black characters, but hell at least we
    have several black characters, like we have many multiple white ones. Like
    Nando pointed out every other race is just a token on that show. TWD a head
    of the curve though cuz most shows have all whites and a token black. Seems
    to be a lot of misdirection this season. I like that. Remember when the
    rumor was Steven Yuen (Glenn) was going to die in the season premiere?
    Didn’t pan out. But The Tyreese rumor did pan out. Now this is pure
    speculation but I hear Lauren Cohan (Maggie) got cast in something else. I
    also heard a rumor Maggie might bite it and Kinney was seen on set near the
    finale, but that could be bullshit like Glenn’s “death”. I agree so weird
    KAREN wasn’t in it, I comment on twitter about it and Melissa Ponzio who
    plays her only replied “:(((” which means she either was shooting other
    stuff, OR TWD didn’t even ask her or something. I could poke holes in this
    episode like why wasn’t there at least a past scene of Karen if Melissa
    couldn’t make it? I could say well maybe Tyreese didn’t want to imagine her
    the last way he saw her which is all burnt up. (Btw how’d he imagine the
    Gov with a bullet head wound? He fled with Judith before that happened
    how’d he know?) Everyone else he saw he imagined in the last state he saw
    them. Maybe his mind couldn’t handle imagining Karen mutilated like that.
    That’s the only bullshit excuse I could think of as to why no Karen in this
    awesome episode. They coulda used a past clip or something. Anyways we
    might not see another good death episode like this in the TWD for awhile IF
    EVER again. Best death ever (how he got bit aside.) This is as good as it
    may get for an unexpected death as we get in TWD under Gimple. Thing is the
    deaths even these recent two you see coming. There’s predictable patterns
    to the behavior they may wonna shy away from to keep it fresh in the
    future. Last two seasons the last two actors at the end of the opening
    credits characters have died in the middle of the season, so they are
    easily removed afterwards. I thought as much in 501 opener, but said to
    myself “NAH, they wouldn’t be that predictable would they?” Answer 6 months
    later? YEP. 

  15. Really liked the dead people coming back to talk to Ty. I agree that
    Karen should have been there. I didn’t like how the character was played
    on the show so I’m kind of glad he died. I wish they used the comic book
    version of Ty.

  16. The room tryrese got bit in when the governor was talking to him there was
    a dead end sign. Morgan not being in the show as much reminds me of the
    homeless girl from sons of anarchy. Like is he even going to meet up with

  17. All this talk from posters and the panel : the comics this and the comics
    that……Kirkman and the writers have said over and over, the two versions
    have similarities but are different beasts Seems if you are constantly
    comparing the TV show to the comics and you already know what’s happened,
    that would stifle your viewing of the show. Like listening to two Beck
    albums at the same time. 

  18. Tyrese also wasn’t JUST distracted by the pictures because of the girls
    when they died, but also, the fact that he’s looking at pictures of Noahs
    brothers (who one is laying dead with his guts out on the bed) who he will
    have to see are dead, right after seeing his mom laying dead… 

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