The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8 Maggie Cries Over Beth’s Death Scene

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8 Maggie Cries Over Beth's Death Scene

54 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8 Maggie Cries Over Beth’s Death Scene

  1. Notice how Maggie’s facial expression changes from a flicker of a smile, to
    confusion, to sadness. She’s waiting for her sister and expecting her to be
    alive and well, only to see her dead. That literally kills me. )’:

  2. OMG STOP HATING ON MAGGIE! Haven’t any of you put on a mask to hide your
    sadness and when something truly tragic happens you take your mask off and
    you fall to pieces? And havent any of you acted like you hate a sibling to
    death untill they get hurt then you seem to truly care? I think her
    character is exactly like the rest of us.

  3. First off let me say I love Lauren’s acting. The scene where she came out
    holding newborn Judith was incredible and so believable the way she was
    unable to say clear words to Glenn. However, I am very disappointed in
    Maggie, the character.

    When the prison fell, her first thoughts were of Glenn, not Beth. I have
    two sisters so this really struck a nerve with me. The more she carried on
    about finding Glenn but gave up on finding her own flesh and blood, the
    more angrier I got. And then when she learned from Daryl she HAD been alive
    but now she was ‘gone’, there was no other mention or sadness from her. I
    would have been asking questions non-stop. What do you mean she’s gone??
    She’s dead? Did you see it? I mean our human nature is to be curious and I
    definitely would WANT to know EXACTLY what happened to my sister. /rant


  5. Man poor Maggie wow it’s sad. It’s weird how a show with zombies can
    actually be sad with so much death. Maggie dropping down crying is the sad
    part. But when that stupid bitch police woman shoots Beth in the head she
    didn’t mean to do it which she did and Daryl saw it and shot the cop in the
    head I think she deserved it for killing Maggie’s sister. RIP Beth

  6. For all you people saying that maggie forgot about beth, she didn’t! Maggie
    thought beth had died when she got kidnapped thats why she looked shocked
    that she was alive! Maggies reaction was horrible and upsetting! :(

  7. theyve all been through so much, and their all losing hope after the
    prison, terminus, bob, etc. She didnt have time to think about beth and
    even she did she lost hope and shut down and thats why she rarely mentions
    her. when she hears that she is alive she gains hope again and is excited
    to see her sister only to have that be completely crushed. Maggie will most
    likely deal with the guilt of having not done anything while her sis was
    out there

  8. As a big fan of TWD, I have to be honest and say the writers dropped the
    ball on Maggie’s quest to find Glenn (without seemingly caring about Beth)
    It was almost an afterthought…
    They have been cramming so much action into season 5… Then they kill Beth?
    We wondered where she was for so many episodes!
    It’s still my favorite show…
    But a sister would care more about family than some guy that cut a poor
    walker woman’s ring off her dead hand to propose.
    Beth was wasted as a character. So much potential wasted…
    Now Maggie and Glenn are just background filler.
    So sad.

  9. Wait, did Beth know her sister was there with the group though? Why did
    they not show us what Carol and Beth were like when she woke up? Carol
    assumed Maggie was still with the group – right? So why didn’t Beth ask
    where Maggie was? Why did she pull a move to stop Dawn when she could have
    seen her sister first?

  10. Fact: Maggie Greene is the ONLY survivor left alive that was INTRODUCED in
    Season 2. Dave , Tony , Otis , Patricia , Jimmy , Hershel , and Beth are
    all DEAD and they were the only survivors that were introduced in Season 2.
    Crossing my fingers that Maggie stays alive for a very very long time.

  11. One of my friends at school told me she died and I punched him across the
    face when he said “your not a true fan if your not caught up sorry but you
    had to expect a spoiler” Made his fucking nose bleed

  12. Amazing acting from not only Lauren, but from the whole group. The subtle
    things. Glenn immediately comforting her, Abraham looking at Maggie almost
    in disbelief, the way Rosita puts her hand over her mouth. This scene was
    great.. too bad I couldn;t see it clearly the first time because I was
    crying too much.

  13. I am not sold on this. If Maggie had even acknowledged her sister, then
    maybe I would’ve been sold. But the fact that Maggie does not mention Beth
    at all until Michonne tells her ruins it for me.

  14. Some say that Glenn is next. If that’s true, that will be fucked up because
    that will be Maggie’s 3rd lost.
    And you know what they say, 3rd time’s a charm. But in this case, this
    isn’t a charm at all… so I think she might kill herself if he dies as

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