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*drowning in tears*





*drowning in tears*


  1. It would’ve been so much better if Tyreese was hallucinating Andrea too,
    wouldn’t it? I mean, Tyreese did cause Andrea’s death because he told the
    Governor she left Woodbury to go to the prison, if he didn’t then maybe she
    would be alive right now, and he was there and felt sad when Andrea got
    bitten and was waiting outside for her to commit suicide. In the end it
    would’ve been cool when Tyreese was close to dying, Karen should’ve held
    his hand. But great episode, loved seeing Mika and Lizzie again 

  2. Very sad death.

    But it was great to see Ty struggle with himself and people from his past.
    Especially with the bits with the Governor. But it was great to see all of
    the dead characters again.

    When you think about it. The Governor was responsible for every single
    death of the people in that bedroom, including Martin.

    Had he not destroyed the prison, the survivors never leave, which means
    Terminus is never destroyed, causing its own people to scatter.

    I’ll say it again…the Governor may have lost the battle of the prison
    that day…but its hard to say he didn’t win that war.

    Just look at all the losses accumulated as a result of that day. Then he
    finally comes back to haunt one of them.

  3. My favorite episode since Clear. It was BREATHTAKING. And when Rick touched
    Michonne I fell off the bed. Like you CAN’T DUPLICATE this shit. That kinda
    chemistry happens once in a lifetime.

  4. If you enjoyed Rick touching her arm, go back and watch him brush his hand
    against hers when the are standing in the middle of the round about. Most
    of us missed it but its there. Just slow down the frame or look it up on
    tumblr. Someone slowed down the shot and its way more intimate than the
    touch in front of the garage.

  5. Rick touching michonne’s arm made me smile like a fool and the way he
    agreed with her about going to washington:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 also loved
    hearing Andrew Lincoln’s real voice on the radio broadcast scene

  6. Great episode. A very sad yet beautiful death at the same time. Episodes
    like this reminds me how awesome this show is.
    RIP Tyreese, one of my favorites in the series.

    LOL loved your reaction to seeing Lizzie and Mika again. 

  7. Definitely the most shocking death of the series to me. In situations like
    that they almost always come out alive. It was completely crazy, beautiful
    episode. Looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing negan.

  8. Girl, I was a blabbering idiot by the end of this episode ! Sure, Beth’s
    death was sad but I think I was impacted more by the group’s reaction to it.

    But wow, I NEVER thought we’d lose ANOTHER person already ! I really like
    Tyreese. A very well written episode ! The crew said that this second half
    was going to get worse and be more of a bummer and it’s already off to that
    ! And screw the haters, it can’t be mindless violence and action all the

  9. Hooray another Officer Freindly Video!! You certainly wear your emotions on
    your sleeve…It’s sweet, and nice to see someone that is really into the
    show.Man this episode definitely tugged at our emotions.Seems like all the
    good souls die on the show ala, Tyrese,Hershell, and Dale.I would have
    liked to see Karen included in the flash scenes for Tyrese, what do you
    think??Keep up good work!!!

  10. I’m not even going to lie, I cried just as she did when I realized Tyreese
    was dying in that car & seeing it suddenly stop, with them dragging him out
    was enough for me. R.I.P. Hero.

  11. Hahaha your reaction was the same as me when I watched Ty die. I liked the
    way they had it kinda quiet when Ty passed and they stopped the car. Loved
    Gov’s return and hearing Andy as the radio host 😀 This was probably one of
    the best I’ve seen. Hope they do more like this one. Keep up the reactions.
    Can’t wait to see the next one :D

  12. So those are the type of hallucinations people see when they git bit?
    Pretty interesting. The way Martin and the Governor were going against
    whatever Lizzie, Bob and Mika were saying was nice too see. How it is his
    fault he’s dying while Bob tells him it was just how it went. What a great
    psychological episode overall. This is what the series is about.

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