The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Season 2 – Episode 4

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The Walking Dead is AWESOME! - Season 2 - Episode 4


25 thoughts on “The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Season 2 – Episode 4

  1. Oh boy. Knowing the choices that come up in this episode, and if I’m right
    on what Fraser’s going to chose, people aren’t going to like this part of
    the playthrough.

  2. If you don’t cut off the arm Kenny gets to cuddle with Sarita until the
    last minute and say his goodbyes but he’ll yell at Clem and blame her
    for… I guess doing nothing, as if Sarita was her responsibility to try
    and save when Kenny could’ve just as easily cut off the arm himself a
    minute later after they ran off into the woods. I really wanted to punch
    that fucker in the face. Now that I know cutting off the arm just makes
    Sarita die sooner I hate him even more. I really hope he dies now. He’s a
    piece of shit; he’s selfish, he can’t keep his emotions in check but gets
    on everyone else about theirs, he’s incapable of not turning any discussion
    or disagreement into a screaming match, he throws a hissy fit whenever
    someone doesn’t want to do things his way and then just goes and does what
    he wants, even if it might screw everyone else, he’s impulsive, impatient,
    and trigger happy, and constantly lectures everyone else about being a team
    player, but is the first one to abandon the team or make the ruthless
    Darwinian choice when it’s someone other than him or his family and their
    lives/feelings on the line. I swear, saving Christa/Ben is the most out of
    character thing he ever did. I’m convinced he only did it because he was
    still depressed about losing Katya and Duck and didn’t care whether he
    lived or died anymore.

  3. I really miss having some of the other guys for this series. I totally
    understood why they couldn’t last time as it was so close to the Mario Kart
    show but I was really hoping that at least one of them has been there as it
    had been a long while since they’d been in a show. I just always liked
    seeing everyone’s reactions and opinions on the events and possible
    decisions :)

  4. Man the console versions of this game are so fucking bad. Terrible loading
    times, jittery transitions and it doesn’t look as good for some reason.

    If you have the option play this on PC.

  5. As a southerner, I agree “y’all” sounds dumb, too, Fraser.

    However, I do see the need for the word. There is no difference between
    singular second person and plural second person, so to clarify you’re using
    plural, you need to say “you guys” or “you all” or “everybody.” Or you
    could use a one-syllable word that almost already sounds like its own
    pronoun, “y’all.”

    I do prefer to say “you guys” to show I’m being casual and talking to my
    friends. Saying “everyone” or “ladies and gentlemen” or something like that
    would also be a good formal attention grabber in my opinion.

  6. It really astounds me how people think that everyone in Britain is posh
    with bad teeth, I just don’t get it… No one I know calls mash potato and
    sausages bangers and mash, and I’ve never heard anyone say pollywag in my
    entire life. 

  7. Maybe it’s also a west coast thing? I’ve lived in California and currently
    in Nevada and I’ve heard plenty of people say anyways.

    But man, my Clementine was a cold hearted survivor this episode. I felt no
    sympathy or loyalty to any of the characters (even Molly, sure I respected
    her but not enough interaction to be loyal to her). I also didn’t feel as
    conflicted as I did in the first season. (I also axed Sarita; she deserved
    a quick death rather than turning into a walker). I’m curious how they’ll
    end the season but right now all my Clem wants to do is gtfo.

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