The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer

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The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer




The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer

25 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer

  1. FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE LEE IS DEAD!!!! STOP SAYING “hope lee returns” etc
    HE CANT!!! I know its sad but clem killed him,he’s gone alright? I cant
    survive that gun shot and if he did he turned and is HANDCUFFED all the way
    in sahvanna he is way far so even if he survived the shot and escaped the
    cuffs he’s MILES away iam sorry but its true,lee is dead…..

  2. Why is everyone so blind, their obviously pulling a Clementine on Sarah.
    Like Lee, Clem is looking for Sarah. Ring a bell? Who knows, most likely
    Clem dyeing for looking for Sarah, she might get bit and Sarah has to shoot
    Clem because she would obviously be turning making it might another sad

  3. If Clem dies in this season I’ll be so pissed, we’ve made a connection with
    her and to kill her off would be a piss take, if she dies they might as
    well end it and not make a third one, who else would we play as? They’d
    have to be pretty damn interesting for me to play it, I don’t give a shit
    about Sarah tbh she’s Duck 2.0 I was only nice to her on my first
    playthrough because of the ‘i’! 

  4. I hope Luke lives, I like Jane too, she is taking Clem under her wing and
    making her a better survivor. Luke is just sincere and nice. He is the kind
    of guy you would want around in a Zombie Apocalypse. If i had to pick 3
    characters to survive season 2 that werent Clem id pick, 1 Kenny 2 Luke 3
    IDK either Nick or Jane. There are a few characters i dont care about.
    Sarah is only there to show how strong Clem is imo. She doesnt further the
    plot or add anything she jsut makes our main character look better and
    stronger. Sarita, Rebecca and Sarah are characters I dont see as having a
    good chance of making it to season 3, I do think that Sarita is there to
    keep Kenny strong and stable. Mike seems like a nice guy, I would like to
    see some development from him. Bonnie is kinda ehhh, not much personality
    there, She could become kinda like a surrogate mother figure to Clem in the
    future maybe. I do not think Rebecca will survive birth, I just dont like
    her and i think she weighs down the group. maybe cause she is pregnant idk.
    She jsut doesnt treat Clem or the rest of the group well. I feel almost
    certain that at least 3 of the characters that are alive now (not including
    Clem) Will make it to season 3, we also need to find out what happened to
    Christa, we have no idea what has happened to her. There is also the 400
    days DLC people that are unknown if they survived the horde/ where they
    are, Whyatt, Eddie, Russell, Nate, Vince, Shel, and Becca, and Tavia. I
    hope we find out what happened to those characters by the end of the
    season. I will be upset if we dont find out what happened to Christa,
    Vince, Shel, and Becca by the end of this season. we have 2 more episodes
    to go and I hope Clem isn’t on her own again by the start of season 3.
    Especially with the “herds” being introduced. To recap

    People I want to see in Season 3
    1. Clem (duhh)
    2 Kenny
    3 Luke
    4 Nick ( I know some people don’t like him, but i think Nick is in all of
    us. He touches and relates to all of us in a certain aspect.)
    5. Jane ( She just seems like the kick butt kind of character as Molly was
    from season 1, also what the heck happened to Molly?) (Jane brings aspect
    of strategy and thinking that alot of people dont bring, she tries to
    outmenuevier the Zombies, rather then trying to outstrengthen them)

    there are some other characters that I want to see get some time for
    deveolpment mainly Mike and Sarita. But i worry that Luke might not make
    it cause he always seems to not be there when the time calls for him. Kenny
    and Luke seem to be Clem’s guardians/ protectors atm. I hope the both of
    them at least make it to season 3 episode 2

  5. I think it would be sad and cool if Clementine saw walker Lee. Say that,
    they make an antidote to the walkers some episode, they could bring Lee

  6. First of all Lee is dead, he is not the main character of this story
    anyway, Lee was just a character that was developed to help a little girl
    grow up in an apocalypse. The main character was always Clementine, they
    had to use Lee because otherwise nobody could explain why she is so tough.

    If Lee was alive, then the walking dead wouldn’t be realistic, and the
    walking dead always tries to be as realistic as possible.

    The fact that he died was just to put all the attention on the main
    character Clementine, Lee is dead period. I know you like him we all do,
    but he didn’t have any weapon to protect himself, he didn’t have any
    medicine and he was obously pretty sick and Clem admits that she shot him
    to everyone he comes across, why would they give youth possibility to say
    that she shot Lee if she didn’t do it.

    Jane feels like Michonne, Sarah feels Sophia, the black guy feels like some
    kind of redneck guy, sort of like Daryl or Maryl, Kenny feels like he could
    become the governor if he just put an eyepatch on his eye, Rebbeca feels
    like Lory and will probably die when she has her baby since Carlos (the
    doctor) which felt like Hershel is dead and Christa will probably show up
    in episode 5 in Wellington.

    Clementine which feels like Carl will just continue to grow up over the
    following seasons of this game and become a really baddass leader person.

  7. I will love more the series if Lee returns I have questions 1 where is
    christa? 2 where are the rest of the group in the first season when Lee
    found they 3 What happen with Sarita and sara ?if anyone knows the answer
    plizz answer me 

  8. If the next episode is going to be set at a civil war ruins then that means
    Lee might make a return. Because Lee is a history teacher in which he had
    an interest in civil war history so there is a slight chance we will see
    Lee and he will explain how he survived. For example when Clem pointed the
    gun at him at the end of the last season literally 1 second before she
    pulled the trigger she moved the gun a little bit to her right missing Lee.
    Or when Clem left him and Lee cut his arm off, someone might of found him
    and patched him up or if he didn’t cut off his arm while still infected he
    passed out and moments later he finds out he’s immune. He has to be alive,
    he has to be. The game is not the same without him.

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