The Walking Dead – Did the Season 4 Finale Deliver? – IGN Conversations

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Spoiler alert! Eric and Roth discuss the good and the bad of The Walking Dead Season 4 finale, "A".




The Walking Dead - Did the Season 4 Finale Deliver? - IGN Conversations

Spoiler alert! Eric and Roth discuss the good and the bad of The Walking Dead Season 4 finale, "A".

25 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Did the Season 4 Finale Deliver? – IGN Conversations

  1. I’m sorry but for one this girls reviews on the episodes ARE UNDERRATED!!
    She gave the finale a 8.0 WTF it at least deserves a 9.0. I want another
    reviewer for season 5. The finale was amazing anyone who did not think so
    needs to stop watching it the show cause clearly you don’t know quality. 

  2. The hell is Daryl keeping it quiet and pretending Beth is just ”gone”.?
    I find it very strange. Probably have 2 or 3 wasted episodes next season
    explaining who took her and bla bla bla about their previous life.
    Big let down of a finale, in fact i didn’t even realize until it was over
    that it was a finale. Really forgetable second half of a season with some
    odd stories thrown in. 

  3. The problem with this show is that they tease way too much. The pacing is
    slow too. I like slow paced movie and tv shows but it gets way to boring. I
    was something to entertain me and Walking Dead is not.

  4. This show has become absolutely unbearable. It’s garbage. THe first season
    was great, showed how everything fell apart, got into some of the reasons
    for the outbreak etc, 2nd season, not bad, lot of fighting with Shane and
    Hershel etc. 3rd season was terrible, fucking repulsive Governor and Andrea
    of all people is the one who falls for him? and in the meantime it takes 2
    season to finally kill this bastard. 4A had that flu that came out of
    nowhere and built up to absolutely nothing. Then the Governor comes by the
    last 2 episodes and manages to get a tank and army again b/c his former
    helper is stupid enough to get drunk while playing golf with him,
    wtffff….and 4B, oh christ, slept through half the season, NOTHING
    happened in these last 8 episodes. They should have reached Terminus like
    3-4 episodes in, then made that the main part of the season, instead they
    get to Terminus for 5 minutes, get trapped again, and dumbass Rick is
    trying to be a badass while caged in a cattle car. 0o0o0o he got his mojo,
    seriously??? How coudl this show have more viewers than Breaking Bad, smfh.

  5. The finale wasn’t the best but still a great way to end it. I think they
    ended it like this so that next seasons premier episode will start off
    amazing and probably be the best start to any season. 

  6. One word: NO. I was so pissed. The show is about zombies . I am however not
    a zombie. Do not lure me to my death over the course of a season. All that
    build up and then NOTHING! If I was having sex and that happen I wouldn’t
    happy about that either. Next season better deliver major scenes and major
    twists or i’m done. Some episodes are so boring I’d rather play left 4 dead
    or dead island than sit threw 60 minutes of dead silence and ‘possible’
    cool moments that never really come. I am a fan, but like I said, I am not
    a zombie. 

  7. These “Season Finales” this show comes up with are just….not finales.
    They feel like they are just another generic episode and the writers have
    lost the meaning of what a finale is. I have grown rather negative towards
    this series for the past 3 seasons (which are not even full seasons anymore
    with this half season bullshit) and after seeing this last episode. I’m
    done giving this show a chance.

  8. First half of season 5 of TWD consists of group just talking in the train
    cart. What a lame ass show. It fell far since season 1. Stupid moments
    especially season finale. These idiots take forever to shot Rick and gang?
    LoL no. So fake, and the plot armour for the characters can be seen miles

  9. It felt like the episode before the finale. The next episode would open up
    with “They fucked with the wrong people” as Ricks kicks open the train car
    door. Explosions are going off left right and centre. Snipers are falling
    of the tops of building in sequence. 

  10. Personally I don’t understand people who complain that the second half of
    season 4 was “too slow” because for me it had some of the shows strongest
    episodes with some amazing, quiet, character driven moments. For some
    reason people seem to need huge explosions, tanks, guns etc to actually
    enjoy an episode of this show but how many of those people actually paid
    attention during its first two seasons? I loved the season finale but I do
    agree that the Joe character had potential and that Rick should have said
    “fucking” but I guess that’s what happens when a show goes
    mainstream….Why the hell would parents want their kids watching this show
    anyway? Weird…

  11. 1. that whole little girl psycho killing thing was unnecessary, would of
    been an interesting character to add to the cast
    2. the little boy almost raped thing was a “jump the shark” Maggie/Governor
    3. Beth just went mia
    4. “Tyrese” is the definition of typical Hollywood “sensitive, emotional,
    caring and forgiving Black guy”
    5. Why didnt Maggie go after Beth first? Why didnt she go after Beth after
    she found Glenn?
    6. I do like the 3 new characters and the 1 lesbian,
    7. Getting captured by another group of psychos… again… Wasnt it
    obvious the whole Terminus thing? a little too easy, too friendly, maybe
    should of case the joint for a few days? Check to see if they are
    Cannibals? No? That whole Governor looks can be deceiving thing? hmm?

  12. They *politely summed up the problem with the show. And that’s it’s
    audience. NOT it’s Season 1 audience, but the one’s they are marketing to
    now. The moms and girls who watch it for Daryl and probably don’t watch any
    other good TV out there except reality crap. And for these people they need
    to stoop to low levels of writing. And it’s not the shows success the
    ruined it. That’s BS. Breaking Bad kept true to it’s self from beginning to
    end, despite the exponential popularity curve during the middle of the
    show. And that’s why it was great, and this show isn’t at the moment. When
    you have a show with mature themes for people with intelligence and people
    that love discussing morals and issues, and you try to present that to both
    ends of the spectrum, that’s when the show loses potential. I totally
    agree, nothing in this show is subtle. Because most of it’s audience by now
    literally needs a caption on every action and facial expression to
    understand what’s going on and why. And the directors are giving in to that
    instead of saying “screw you, we’re going hardcore in writing and in
    themes. If you can’t keep up, this is not your show” In the end, when your
    target audience is EVERYONE, you are targeting NO ONE. 

  13. If the fat guy on Karl said ‘Claimed’ and Joe said ‘Rules are rules’ are
    some shit like that then it would have been better I feel. And for Ricks
    last quote, something like ‘what they don’t know is….they missed this
    gun’ and pulls his other gun out. I duno that last line was lame.

  14. i just hope they fix their pacing issues. i feel like this show always
    drags things out between the main events of the season and every key plot
    point that happens should have happened way sooner

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