Noah’s Death Scene 5×14 (The Walking Dead) Spend

Watch Full Episode Online!


Watch Full Episode Online!


Noah's Death scene (Full) on season 5 episode 14 of the walking dead (Spend)

All rights go to AMC, I do not own this, Enjoy ­čÖé




Noah's Death Scene 5x14 (The Walking Dead) Spend

Noah's Death scene (Full) on season 5 episode 14 of the walking dead (Spend)

All rights go to AMC, I do not own this, Enjoy :)

25 thoughts on “Noah’s Death Scene 5×14 (The Walking Dead) Spend

  1. I was speechless and almost at the point of tears until Nicholas tried to
    tell Eugene that they had to take the van and leave. I just started
    screaming “you coward!”. My family was very confused.´╗┐

  2. The quick moment at 0:43 as Noah presses his hands to the glass is
    horrifying. Because he knows he’s going to die, Glenn knows it too, and
    Glenn in a way, is forced to watch it.´╗┐

  3. You know, this caught me off guard. The fact that Noah was willing to learn
    architecture to keep the walls strong and steady for everyones safety. I
    automatically assumed he’ll live throughout the season then this scene
    happened and just saddens me :(´╗┐

  4. Poor Noah he was just trying to get his grip back on the World he was
    currently in…His death was horrific and poor Glenn had to bare it
    all…Jeez when they put him up face up to the glass and his eyes bugged
    out as they chomped on him I was like Fucccc…” Man….´╗┐

  5. Is it just me, or would anyone have gone out, grab that little fuck, shoot
    out his knees or feet, then drag him over to that revolving door and let
    the walkers get him.´╗┐

  6. Even I gave this seen the side eye,I cringed.It seems like they are getting
    more and more graphic with the death scenes and aren’t holding back,which
    is good in a way.But damn,they didn’t have to do a nigga like that!´╗┐

  7. When the antisocial, cowardly Eugene has more balls than you, that is a
    sign that you are truly an asshole. Nicholas is not going to make it past
    the season finale. ´╗┐

  8. Noahs death was really hard to watch, but the part where he gets thrown up
    against the window and that fucking face he makes right before he dies has
    me laughing so fucking hard i can’t take the death seriously because of it.
    It’s fucking hilarious, why the fuck do the walkers insist on throwing him
    up against the window to make glen watch xD fucking savages, and the stupid
    ass face noah makes kills me every time, holy shit i’m gonna bust a gut
    laughing watching this fucking scene´╗┐

  9. Why didn’t Noah try to shrug off or keep violently shaking himself and
    moving around instead of standing just still? Atleast he could make it out
    alive bitten or something instead of just staying intact, 15 percent chance
    is better than 0. Considering walkers have been getting fragile from years
    of decomposition. Oh wait this is TWD fuck physics and fuck logic.´╗┐

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