Church Massacre/Gareth Death – The Walking Dead Season 5

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Church Massacre/Gareth Death - The Walking Dead Season 5


25 thoughts on “Church Massacre/Gareth Death – The Walking Dead Season 5

  1. This scene is pretty awesome. It shows Rick turning into what all his
    enemies (Shane, Governor, Gareth) turned into. These people were all good
    at one time. Shane was a cop, Governor was an office worker with a family,
    and Gareth actually wanted to help people by bringing them into Terminus.
    But then all the bad people that they have crossed paths with caused these
    people to change for the worse. And this is exactly what is happening to
    Rick. He is now just straight up slaughtering anybody he perceives as a
    threat without any single emotion. After Hershel died, this dark side of
    Rick came out. It was always there, but Hershel was able to contain it.
    Once he died, Ricks human side died as well. Honestly, I like the new Rick
    though. He now has proven he will do ANYTHING to keep his people safe.

  2. This scene felt so satisfying, and kind of disappointed me when I saw
    Glenn’s and Maggy’s face. They looked disgusted and almost afraid, but this
    is what is best, and there is no wrong there here. Rick was doing what had
    to be done, Rick has made some dumb choices but this one was on spot. If
    they had let them go they would just do the same like rick said “it could
    be anyone” Someone else would have just been eaten alive, and that’s just

  3. Some people might try to argue that this is Rick’s team becoming “savage
    animals”….but those people fail to realize that Rick’s party is simply
    taking out the trash. Had they let those cannibals go, they would have
    inevitably eaten some poor sod later on. Or an entire family of innocent
    people. Or lied and gone after Rick for vengeance. You can’t trust pure
    evil. You just need to cleanse it from the planet. Machetes work pretty

  4. It was brutal the way Rick and his group dispatched Gareth, Martin and
    their people.

    Then it takes only a moment to recall that these were the people that
    sliced open the throats of others looking for shelter. These were the
    people that killed and ate adults, children, anyone who happened to cross
    their path. These were the people that amputated Bob’s leg and ate it, just
    to send a message. These were the people that held their hands around a
    baby’s neck and threatened to break it.

    They needed to die. It would have continued if Rick had let them live.
    Tyreese let Martin live, and look how much bloodshed followed.

    Had Rick not said a damn thing and started chopping, it would have been the
    same situation.

    The only thing that differentiates a sudden kill with what happened here is
    a little conversation.

    Hell, if nothing else Rick gave Gareth some context into why he needed to
    die. That, in and of itself, is some consolation. Admittedly, it’s not MUCH
    consolation — but look who Rick is talking to here.

    They needed to be put down. Again, the only thing that changes a quick,
    wordless kill with what happened here are the words. Rick never promised he
    would allow them to live. He never gave them any indication they were going
    to be let go. In fact, he promised Gareth long before that he was going to
    kill him.

    He just delivered on that promise. 

  5. The discussion I keep seeing is that Rick is in full on savage mode now but
    I just don’t see it. No death by Rick has been without reason. People
    forget that the world is done and it’s all about survival now. Just because
    he kills a few people doesn’t mean he’s full blown animal now. The kills
    were necessary for survival. Including this one. Those guys were going to
    eat them. They tried reasoning with them and it didn’t work. A bullet to
    the head would have been too good for them. Rick, if nobody else
    understands you, I understand.

  6. I can’t believe there are people defending these cannibals. You saw they
    way they operated their slaughter houses. There was no coming back from

  7. I ain’t gonna lie, I giggled like a psychopathic schoolgirl in this scene,
    there was just a large catharsis seeing they sacks of shit killed of in a
    brutal manner. I wanted Rick to ice these fuckers since the season 4
    finale. Pity the governor’s death isn’t as satisfying. 

  8. I think people who defend Rick’s decision miss the point of the scene. You
    can tell by the music choice and reactionary shots that they wanted to
    invoke a sense of shock and disgust in the viewer. The group could have
    easily shot Gareth, Martin, and the other one, but instead brutally
    bludgeoned/hacked them to death. Also: Gareth is meant to be more of a
    tragic villain than pure evil monster. I think he should have gotten a
    whole season dedicated to him, because Rick killing off his whole group in
    4 episodes (including last season’s finale) is a letdown. Also: does no one
    remember that Carol coldly left Gareth’s mom (a traumatized multiple rape
    victim) to be eaten alive by zombies? That was fucked up. Gareth’s family
    definitely drew the short stick in life.

  9. “We would do this to anyone” was them sentencing their own death.
    Even though they went trough hell because they got overrun by rapists, that
    was their own fault by building up too much trust in people, you make a
    mistake, you pay for it, that’s their world now. It’s no excuse to become
    cannibals…they were mentally weak/broke (by the others) if they think
    this way.

    Rick saw it once, the Govenor got away, he came back and killed countless
    people, destroyed the whole prison and especially Hershel’s death (he was
    the “father” of the prison) teached them a lesson…

  10. Rick looks crazy; is it just me, or does Rick not blink, the whole time he
    is in front of Gareth? This scene was intense and I agree with what Rick
    and company did.

  11. Just a thought , maybe it won’t happen but what if the tv show doesn’t
    introduce Negan as the next villain? What if Rick becomes a Negan like
    charector? I wonder how people will react to that? 

  12. like the governor said :” we’re not bad people. we’re survivors”….this
    phrase alone should be the catalyst of every character’s transformation who
    is still alive thus far

  13. Which scene do you guys think is more brutal… the church massacre (this
    scene) or the marauders in Season 4?

    I actually thought the marauders scene back in the Season 4 finale was
    pretty plain brutal… you know, when Joe was like, “What the hell are you
    gonna do now sport?” Rick’s inner animal becomes unleashed and rips out his
    jugular vein. (Gotta admit, wasn’t expecting that, but at least it serves
    Joe right)

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