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25 thoughts on “BETH DEATH SCENE- The Walking Dead Season 5 MID SEASON FINALE

  1. I’m not watching this show anymore. I’m tired of actually feeling upset
    over losing fictional characters. They gave Beth an amazing arc. She was
    actually inspiring to a lot of people who have struggled with depression.
    She showed you can become strong and you ca survive while remaining sweet
    and hopeful and now she just dies. No closure to her story whatsoever, All
    they wanted was to shock the audience. It was bad writing, her death was
    not dignified and it was a disrespect to Emily Kinney. I know this is just
    a tv show but I’m done with it. 

  2. The whole reason they kill off characters is to make people upset.
    You know what else it means? It means they did a good job on the character.
    Everybody keeps saying this was a mistake, that it was bad writing, etc.,
    but the irony is that people like you made it this way.
    How do people not understand? It’s not just The Walking Dead, it’s
    everything where death is a possibility. They won’t kill off a boring
    character. They’ll kill off a boring and useless character, but… they did
    this for a reason.

  3. It didn’t seem like Dawn meant to kill Beth, she seemed to be as genuinely
    shocked as everyone else after she fired the gun. Im still trying to figure
    out what Beth was trying to achieve by stabbing Dawn, it’s unlikely that
    the scissors would have killed her and she put everyone else’s lives at
    risk in doing so. It also seemed that both Beth and Dawn were becoming
    friends towards the end of the episode.

    I didn’t think I’d miss Beth very much but I’m really sad now that she’s
    gone now. Emily Kinney did a great job developing her character for season

  4. Out of all the deaths in the walking dead, this one got to me the most, I
    think they missed an opportunity with Beth, and will come to regret it
    later, I loved how her story developed, how she came from being suicidal to
    how she ended up being, how she saved Daryl from himself, how she inspired
    hope on others. It’s not fair what happened to her, it’s not fair how she
    went down. Beth, you will be missed…

  5. The Walking Dead is meant to be a sad show! It’s set on a Apocalyptic
    Zombie world. Nothing good can realistically happen. I think that this is
    what Kirkman is trying to portray in Beth…that something good is taken
    away. However, i do look at this with trepidation. If I was Kirkman I would
    not of taken a hugely popular character like Beth and killed her off. Look
    at her rise in popularity with her character and of course with Daryl.
    There would of been more scope with her character if they went with the
    forcoming romance with Daryl (or Noah). I have to say I am disappointed
    with this direction as her character was getting mainstream but I am sure
    Kirkman knows what he is doing.

  6. When I watched talking dead after the show and she kept crying so hard, I
    wanted to beat the writer sitting next to her to death. Why Beth? There’s
    so many useless characters on thus show that could have went. Eugene,
    Glenn, the preacher, either of the two chicks that run with Abraham, the
    list goes on and on.

  7. She was killed off as the result of complaints from male viewers.
    Apparently she was too flat chested and not particularly nice looking. She
    also had a ‘whiney’ squeaky voice.

  8. Why did Rick’s group agree to make the trade IN THE HOSPITAL?!?!?

    Why did they even bring Noah with them? Did they not figure that his
    presence would cause a problem?

    Why does ANYONE in Rick’s group take Dawn seriously when she asks for Noah?
    She let Beth & Carol go, and all of her bargaining posture along with
    them. Where did she learn how to negotiate anyway? She has nothing over
    them that would force them to give Noah up and the worst she can do is
    start shooting, which would then lead to a big shootout that would kill
    just about everyone. Did they think that she thinks she would do that? Why
    would they assume she is that crazy stupid?

    For that matter, what did Beth stab her in the shoulder of all places? Why
    didn’t she aim for a more vital area? And an even bigger question WHY DID
    SHE STAB HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!? Forget that this was a reckless and
    dumb decision that came at the cost of her life, but her action could have
    been the trigger that would have led to the giant shootout that would have
    killed most everyone in the hallway. In her last act, Beth needlessly
    endangered everyone which completely goes against her character

    Did she know she was going to die? Did she think she was sacrificing
    herself for Noah? Did she think that Dawn’s group wouldn’t back her up when
    she was attacked? If that’s true, why didn’t Beth just tell Rick or
    somebody that nobody is going to defend Dawn and that she’s full of hot
    air? Did Beth think she was sacrificing herself to help the prisoners at
    the hospital, because the place is still going to be run by the cops and we
    don’t know if they are any better than the cops that got killed. Well we
    are never going to get answers to any of these questions because she’s
    dead. “I get it now”. Good, I’m glad at least one person does, because I
    sure as heck don’t.

    And I still have so many questions on how this hospital even operates. So
    do they just drive around looking for slaves? Why did they even bother
    saving Carol? Isn’t that just a waste of resources to take a person back
    and try to save her? What benefit was it to even try to save her life? To
    get one more servant on the roster? And if all the cops were at each
    other’s throats as part of some kind of power struggle, how on Earth have
    they not killed each other already? Why don’t the “good cops” just leave
    with the patients or try to get Dawn and the crooked rapey cops out of the
    way? Either/Or.

    And now I have to ask this. How in the hell is Carol able to get up out of
    the wheelchair already. I mean seriously? No broken bones? Nothing? If her
    injuries weren’t going to mean anything then why even write her to get hit
    by the van in the first place?

    You know what? I have an answer to these questions: The writing is awful
    and they totally screwed the pooch on this entire story arc. The truth is,
    Beth’s death relied entirely on every character being an idiot in that
    situation and the situation itself being delirious nonsense. The whole
    tragedy could have been avoided if just one character hadn’t been injected
    with a damn stupid pill to make this scene happen. 

  9. This is the most heartbreaking episode of Walking Dead.I cried so much when
    she died, so much wasted potential, I couldn’t believe the writers would
    just make us love a character and just kill her like that. WHYYYY WHHYYYYYY

    Rest in peace..
    Dawn Lerner

  10. What a waste of potential character. Seriously…What…The…Fuck. Okay,
    at first I was never really a fan of Beth, but after that episode of 4×13
    “Alone” when she was holding Daryl’s crossbow, I saw something in her. How
    cool it would have been if Beth got the Carol treatment. Going from weak
    and useless to a strong and independent survivor. Sadly this was short
    lived and I had high hopes for Beth. The episode Coda was really shocking
    in a way that it wasn’t a blood bath, it was actually a peaceful
    negotiation. The moment Beth was in Rick Grime’s reach, I sigh with relief
    thinking that it was a success. That it was over, but noooo. That bitch
    Dawn just had to complain about Noah, then the worse happened. If those two
    cops that Rick was holding hostage were telling the truth about wanting
    Dawn gone, then they should turned against her in that moment. Dawn would
    stand no chance against Rick’s group and the rebelling officers. Anyway,
    like I stated I’m sad that this happened having high hopes for Beth. I’m
    sad for Maggie (even though the writers did a terrible job at making her
    seem like she cared.) knowing that she was told that Beth is alive only to
    discover that she wasn’t. I’m sad for Rick, knowing that he couldn’t save
    Hershel and rescuing Beth for a moment, makes it feel like he failed again.
    Same goes to Daryl especially, like what happened to Sophia. Putting all
    that effort to find her only to discover that she wasn’t alive, but with
    Beth it was a relief only for a split second to taken away. *”You’re gonna
    miss me when I’m gone Daryl Dixon.”* – Beth Greene. All I can say is, that
    Beth is reunited with Hershel and the rest of the family. RIP Beth.

  11. Wow I’m shocked RIP Beth you did good wonder how Maggie is going to react
    to the loss of her sister. Fuck that stupid women that shot Beth in her
    head. Liked the way Daryl reacted by shooting her fucking head off. GODDAMN
    IT. That stupid fucking bitch woman said she didn’t mean to shoot Beth in
    the head but Daryl in his mind said fuck you she was my friend

  12. Everyone needs to stop being assholes to each other. If Beth was the only
    person people were rooting for and don’t want to watch the show anymore
    then fine, we all have our favorites, don’t go and hate on anybody. If you
    can’t take some of your favorites dying then the show probably isn’t for
    you, and that’s okay. This death had a huge impact like it was supposed to.
    I never liked Beth but I know what it’s like to lose a character you love.
    Beth fans please don’t hate on TWD either, this is just how the show is.
    Find a new character you can enjoy and root for, but if you can’t then go
    ahead and never watch again. 

  13. I did not expect this. Beth died way earlier in the comics, the whole
    dispute with the cops wasn’t in them either. There was no way we could have
    known when Beth was going to die. Although the look in Beth’s eyes at 2:58
    foreshadowed that there was going to be some sort of confrontation

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